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As cigarette smokers transition towards vaping, the dangers of cigarettes have become more apparent. Alternatives such as the patch and other forms of nicotine suppressant have always been around and have flooded the market. Some methods have worked well, while others resulted in the individual relapsing back to cigarettes. But the vaping community have found a niche in allowing smokers to continue on the road to complete zero nicotine dependancy. A main factor in the process has been the wide availability of various juices, or liquids to keep the vaper vaping and gradually move down in nicotine level.

One of the things that helped us in the process of switching over to a healthier alternative, was the use of electronic cigarette devices and e-juices. Throughout the years of us trying many different devices, flavors, and brands, we have become somewhat of a connoisseur in regards to vaping

So it has become our mission in rooting out all the bad ones and offering only the best to you. While offering impeccable customer service, and free shipping on all orders. We are putting you and your health first. As we know how important it is for cigarette smokers to switch over to vaping.

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Address10220 Hole Avenue, Riverside, CA, United States