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FDA regulation of e-cigarettes Videos and Info

April 30, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FDA regulation e-cigs

I Have Found some Videos about the FDA regulation of e-cigarettes. I will Also Be Adding New Videos as I find them and add more Info in the Future. So book mark this page. Feel free to make Comments.As Part of the Vaping community we need to stand together and not let Regulation pass that is unnecessary. If we do not stand as a vaping community we will not have the options available that we have today.

I for one Have not smoked a Cigarette for over 8 months e-cgs work for meand is working for many. I do not want to go back to smoking tobacco.

I Personally belive that The FDA is For Big Government Big Pharma Big Tobacco and Big Oil and other big things and are not really for we the People of the United states of America.

If you disagree that’s fine feel free to make a comment.

Pete Balasch Jr
Owner of

FDA regulation of e-cigarettes: huge costs, little or no benefit, says CASAA

Video From Grimm Green The FDA Is Serious 4-24-14

You Can Get Grimm’s Links by going to his video on Youtube